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Artist Services

If you would like us to design a website for you or have any other digital media needs, please contact us, contact Doug Dye or call 757-229-7641. If you want to get started on your new website right away, fill out and submit our easy to use form from our Artist Websites page.

Click here for a demo example of a typical website.

Rockstar Booking provides media services for our acts. The entertainment industry is heavily invested in the digital world, from websites to social media. We provide an affordable way to compete in the digital market offering essential online services to our acts.


Facebook isn’t enough. When you post on a band’s Facebook page, it appears on the news feeds of (some but not all) people who have Liked your page. But news feeds grow, and your post quickly drops down as new posts come in. Websites acting along with social media form a synergy that improves the reach of both. IMPORTANT: Do it yourself website builders like Wix and GoDaddy’s Website Builder won’t do it for you. They are cheap to get started with, but they are much more expensive in the long run. In addition, they are not search engine friendly.

We offer low cost websites starting at $250.00 with the following features:

Free hosting for the first year – We will host your website for free for a year, and offer a great price of $50.00 per year after that. That is much less then GoDaddy and other hosting providers charge.

Edit your website – Once your website is live, you have full editing capabilities. You can update your info, songlist and everything else. We will provide an easy to understand tutorial to help you get started.

Mobile friendly – 60% of Internet traffic is now on mobile devices, so chances are that most of your traffic will be mobile. If you have an old website that’s not mobile friendly, Google will penalize it’s rankings, reducing your search engine availability. Our websites look great on all mobile devices.

Header & logo design – We can either use an image from you, or one of ours to give your header a unique look. We offer logo design starting at $80.00. If you don’t want a logo we will still make the header look good.

Bio and other info – We will list your acts bio, introduction and other text.

Songlist – We can provide your songlist in both text and PDF formats.

Audio & Video – We can embed up to 6 audio files or 4 embedded video files (YouTube or Vimeo). If you want both, there is a small additional charge.

Gig Calendar – We can embed your Google Calendar, and match its colors to your website. When you add a date to the calendar it will appear on your website.

Social Media – We will link all of your social media to the website.


Having a Facebook page doesn’t help much if it looks terrible. We can set up a great looking Facebook page for your act for $50.00. If you like, we also have plans for maintaining the page and making posts that will get traffic for your page and your website.

Logo Design

Out logo design starts at $80.00. Our logos are provided in several formats and are suited to printing and other media usage.