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Virginia’s Full Service Talent and Booking Agency

Welcome to Rock Star Booking. We provide quality entertainment for any event, including Weddings, Corporate events, Proms, Bars, Restaurants, even cookouts. We specialize in working with acts who work in a professional manner, and understand the importance of entertainment in addition to music.

Our entertainment roster includes a wide array of different kinds of acts. We know who they are and what they do, and we match them to the needs of our clients.

Decades of experience on both sides of the stage have given us the ability to match the act with the venue. We are very careful about giving you acts that fit your needs. We know the difference between a club that provides atmosphere and a club that needs dynamic entertainment.

Whatever the needs of your venue, we have the perfect match.

That’s the bottom line, isn’t it? Entertainment is at it’s very core, entertaining. If you just want music you could turn on a radio. We understand that it’s not just music, it is pleasing people and keeping those people coming back again and again.

Our collective decades of experience in the entertainment industry gives us the skill set to pump up your audience.